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COPA, Child Outcome, Planning and Administration, is a comprehensive web-based database used by Head Start, Child Care, Community Action, and Migrant programs. The dymanic, customizable nature of COPA includes real-time data collection, reporting and monitoring, along with organizational workflow and filesharing capabilities.

COPA provides scalable and powerful technology for data collection, assessment, monitoring and reporting on child and family outcomes. It utilizes performance standards to collect and process data on individual Child, Class, Site, Agency and even Grantee levels. The results are analyzed to improve program quality and performance.

COPA is a user-friendly and adaptable platform. It has the flexibility to be customized to each program's choice of instrument. It has been developed in collaboration with existing Head Start programs and satisfies federal and state requirements and mandates.

COPA allows agencies to customize their instruments in assessing children and families. At the same time, it synchronizes their reports and data. To protect privacy rights, it also enables Grantees and Agencies to assign multiple access rights to the data and reports.

For a live, no-obligation demo of COPA, contact us at: 818-304-0110 or sales@mycopa.com


Community Action Programs. Community Action agencies can utilize COPA's customizable Family Services Eligibility and Family Service Tracking to help families with non-funded children, or even no children.

Family Services Eligibility tracks both families with funded children (e.g. HS, EHS and migrant), and families without funded children, or even no children. When used to determine the eligibility of families without funded children, this feature expands your community action program.

Family Service Tracking is perfect for Community Action Agencies because it tracks which families are receiving which services.

  • Customizable Family Service and Referral Tracking is a key component to this feature.

    For on-going site self-assessment and monitoring, COPAmonitoring provides compliance checklists and an audit trail to help you keep tabs on how your delegate agencies are doing. Action plans can be implemented when compliance gaps are found. Comprehensive statistical analysis is at your fingertips.

    Document Management and Routing. Route documents such as purchase orders, staff time sheet, and any others in common use to the appropriate person, any time, every time. COPA tracks the changes in each iteration of each document to provide a full history as each progresses.

    File sharing. Files can be uploaded and shared among COPA users. Access can be configured to grant specific users or groups of users access to specified documents. Files can be assigned to any given Document.

  • This Digital Documents Library & Filing module is a huge time-saver because digitalizes all documents, including internal agency documents, family and child documents, and even documents for volunteers. Scan, save and map documents to specific people, or agencies, sites or classes. Find important documents immediately. This is another great time- and money- saver.

    Digital signature capture is a feature of this module, as well. COPAdocs users can instantly find critical documentation.

    COPAnet is designed to help employees collaborate and work more efficiently. Its features are focused on making it easy to share business information such as contacts, documents and calendar events.

    Coupled with personal portals, net helps reduce paperwork and eliminates excessive dated copies of important documents. Information is available wherever and whenever needed. COPAnet is ideal for organizations whose members travel or work in different geographic locations--all without the need for expensive servers or networks.

    Features include:
    * Address Book * Knowledge Base
    * Administrative Tools * Mail
    * Automated Help System * Mailing Lists
    * Calendar * Testimonials and Weather
    * Chat * Portal
    * Directory * Statistics
    * Discussion Forums * Web Sites
    * File Sharing


  • Reduce printing costs by publishing catalogs electronically.
  • Reduce paper costs by using file sharing, email and mailing lists.
  • Reduce training costs with an automated help system and knowledge base.
  • Increase efficiency with shared calendars and contact lists.
  • Increase productivity by providing employees with personalized portals for specific information.
  • Eliminates expensive infrastructures and administrative headaches.
  • Features include:
    • Eligibility Prioritization at the Grantee and Agency Level
    • Enrollment
    • Eligibility Priority List
    • Class Assignment
    • Community Action
    • Special Needs Eligibility
    • Family Partnership Agreement
    • Family Service Eligibility
    • Family Service Tracking
    • Child Outcome
    • Child care eligibility.
    • Customized Assessments
    • Customized Scoring
    • Assessment Monitoring
    • Multiple Assessment Tools
    • Multi-funded programs
    • Family Outcome
    • Goal Settings
    • Visits and Follow-Up Logs
    • Reporting
    • Graphs
    • Referrals
    • Admin Tools
    • ZIP code tracking
    • HR & Staff Professional Development

    • Health, Nutrition & Growth
    • Volunteer Tracking
    • BMI Graphs
    • In-kind & Volunteer Tracking
    • Immunization
    • Staff Training
    • Disability
    • Site Monitoring
    • Mental Health
    • Graphs
    • Medical Records
    • Tracking Sheets
    • Health History
    • Dental & Medical Reports
    • Transportation
    • Due-Date Flags
    • Enrollment Checklist
    • PIR
    • Referrals
    • Case Notes
    • And more...

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